ICS Phase Beam Live Wallpaper Lite

As of now our newest project the Phase Beam Live Wallpaper is available in the Android Market. It’s a clone of the new, popular Phase Beam Live Wallpaper from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In comparison with the original Wallpaper, this one has additionally a cool 3D scroll effect.


This Wallpaper is very effective concerning the usage of the resources of your phone. All Customize-Options are exclusively  available in our  Ice Cream Sandwich Live Wallpaper.

4 thoughts on “ICS Phase Beam Live Wallpaper Lite

  1. Is there any way at all to get a version with the TrueColor fix back? I paid for the Full Version, but if there was a TrueColor of the free version that would be awesome too. It worked for my device and looked amazing. Thanks for your work on this!

  2. Hi
    You’re right, this fix looks awsome on galaxy s2 devices, but crashs e.g. on motorola milestone. I’m working on it, I have to dig a little bit into the library I use.

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